NBC History


New Beginnings Church of North Houston is an Evangelical church founded by Senior Pastor Michael Amador on August 8th, 2004. What began as a simple act of obedience has flourished, through the Grace of God, into an organization that has fed, clothed, and ministered to over 500,000 people around the world.

Before the first official service on the fateful day of August 8th, 2014, God already had wonderful plans for the church. The vision was not limited to the miniscule square footage of building space; rather, it was raised high by the faithfulness of each and every single church family member. Trusting wholeheartedly in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, has been the decision factor in every step this body has made. Through obedience, the Lord has moved us from glory to glory blessing us with a bigger location for worship and currently preparing us for our next spiritual transition.

New Beginnings Church of North Houston has been instrumental in the construction and spiritual oversight of five churches in the Jungles of Veracruz (Totonaka). We also support several ministries in Argentina, Mexico, Jerusalem and Haiti through prayer, guidance and spiritual growth.

New Beginnings Church was awarded a certificate of commendation from former Mayor Bill White in 2006 as well as other letters of commendations from community leades. We continue to emphasize on building spiritual relationships beyond the physical church walls and staying concurrent and active within the community. 

For more information about New Beginnings Church of North Houston, you can reach us here.